+ Car Leather Seat, Door Panel, Console Box & Other Interior Leather.

Mercedes W212 Seats

Car Interior Leather Seat Upholstery Service started as our core business in 1997. Our Leather Seat Service is a complete re-upholstery of the seat to replace with brand new leather that will ensure a perfect factory fit.

With over 20 years of operation, we today have a strict in-house specification requirement for durability and comfort on all leather that we source.

This in-house requirement ensures that only materials that are best-fitted for the job and meets the automotive specification are used in our services. For example, our strict requirement of a minimum thickness of 1.2mm (millimeter) in leather thickness to ensure long term durability and a specific matte tone finish for the visual effect of a premium automotive aesthetic.

To provide greater value, we offer range of leather types to fit a wider price options. From Full Grain Cowhide or Nappa Cowhide Leather, Highest Grade of Full Grain Microfiber based Synthetic Nappa Leather or Full Grain Automotive Microfiber Leather, to the more affordable Half Leather (Combining the usage of PU & Full leather) and PU leather a.k.a. leatherette options.

All leather are selected via a strict in-house test and quality check process before it is used in our production. We strongly believe that using the best leather available for each price point & budget level will ensure the best price-performance ratio when you get any leather services done with us at Carbi Deco.


+ Steering Wheel Leather.

Our Steering Leather Service is a complete re-wrapping of the leather with new threading and stitching. Each thread is cross-stitched and sewn by hand and takes 6 hours for a single steering leather to be completed.

The Steering Wheel Leather is different from leather that is used on your car seats and other interior area. This is because Steering Leather needs to be much more stretchable, ideally at 0.8mm for full-grain cowhide material and at a maximum of 1.2mm only for Microfiber Synthetic Automotive Grade leather as the material itself is naturally more stretchable than full grain cowhide leather. The leather used also needs to meet a specific streching strength whilst maintaining its durability, to withstand the daily wear and tear from your everyday drive.

Our service is fully customizable to provide full personalization and design unique to your style preference. Hence, you may select your preferred stitching thread color and leather types and colors too! With a center striped design on the steering wheel being our popular design that is modern and sporty.

+ Dashboard, Roof Liner & All Other Interior Repairs.

A cracked dashboard or a saggy roof liner not only ruins your driving experience, you will also lose significantly in the trade-in value of your car.

By combining high automotive grade material and our delicate workmanship, we have over 20 years of proven success on dashboard and roof liner repair. Based on our records, we promise dashboard and roof liner refurbished at Carbi Deco will last much longer than most original manufacturer parts that have reputation of dashboard crack or roof liner sag.

Completed Dashboard (After Refurbished with New Leather)

Combine that with the knowledge we gained from working directly with several servicing centers for international automotive brands, on dashboard and roof liner repair, we have perfected the crafts of dashboard & roof liner refurbishing, to minimize the chances of the same issue happening again in the future to near zero with our after market service solutions.

+ Seat Safety Belt Replacement, Upgrade or Repairs.

Red Safety Seat Belt Customized on W204

For any Safety Belt modifications, repairs or upgrade, we offer a wide range of Colors for Aftermarket Safety Belt Service too. Want to have a vibrant Red safety belt of a sports car or better match it with your exterior or interior, we can always help you streamline your entire car aesthetics, with colors like Vibrant Red, Yellow, Neon green, Sky Blue and Neon Blue Safety Belt options.

We offer the skills and experience to have your safety belt replaced or repaired safely and properly. We take full responsibility for all our service safety, and guarantee any safety features, functions and safety alerts will remain in original condition after any service are completed by us.

+ Interior Respray, Interior Parts Paint Repair, Paint Touch Up, etc.

From faded paint to cracked paint, or simply interested in a change of tone and color of your car interior, we get it done. We start any repairs with the service prep of a complete surface re-texture with the finest sanding technique to ensure that the surface texture is smooth and original before any dyes/paint is applied.

Our dyes & paints are sourced from suppliers that design them solely for the application of automotive parts to achieve the most automotive compliant and durable result that will last for years to come.

Interested in an interior color change & resprayed with new leather seats service too? That would be an interior overhaul project and you can book yours with us for guaranteed satisfaction!

+ Personalized Name, Text or Logo Stitching, Embroidery, Emboss or Debossing.

Be it your personal names, your company logos, or any other logo, design or text, we can help you recreate your car interior and seats with a touch of personalization.

From affordable stitching, embroidery to a more classic and luxurious look of embossed / debossed option, we can help you achieve the aesthetic results that you seek.

+ Wide Range of Leather Colors and Stitching Threads Colors.

Our team at Carbi Deco are car enthusiasts in heart. Working together with many major partners in the automotive after market and car modding community, offering the finest workmanship on customized seats & leather design.

With this, we understand that a wide selection of colors & options is highly important to satisfy all types of custom requests from our valued clients.

If you are looking to have a complete change of interior color scheme or have a car interior overhaul, our selection of leather colors, stitching colors and design will be sure to meet all your personal preference and request.

+ Flood Damage & Other Damages Repair.

It’s a dirty job, but we’re ready to help. Cleaning up the mess from flood and the damage caused can be extremely costly especially when done by your original brand manufacturer service partners, where most parts would be scrapped and be replaced with new parts, and probably too time-consuming and risky to do it on your own.

We understand that not everyone is willing to spend such a huge sum over a flood damaged or accidental damaged car. This is why we often offer a much more affordable way in dealing with these scenarios. Such as repairing or refurbishing when possible and recommending the best methods that should and can be done to remedy such issue.

Of course, ultimately we cannot ensure that everything can be repaired from water damage. In such cases we would still recommend those parts to be completely replaced with new parts. We promise to remain honest and transparent to our clients of such issues & clarify any reasons behind all our recommendations.

+ General Repair & Refurbish work.

Have other automotive car interior parts that needs repairing that may not be listed? You can always contact us or message us via our online platform to get a free and stress free quotation with our dedicated supporting staff.