+ Is an Appointment Required?

Yes! Most services require a complete disassemble and reassemble / installation process.

The duration will be based on your car model & our schedule availability.

You can find more info on installation time below.


+ How Long Do I Have To Leave My Car With You?

In most cases, we only need your car in our workshop for any disassembly and installation / assembly process.

The installation time varies between different car models.

It will be based on the availability of a car model’s accurate seat template in our record & database.

We currently have accurate seat templates created for over 90% of car models including all international brands. As of July 2019, we have over 2400 car models template in our record database.

You can find the Installation Time below. For leather seats, it is only applicable for car models with templates.


+ Installation Time

Installation Time is based on car models with template, and for reference during non-peak season only.

Leather Service requires a Minimum Three (3) Days Lead Time for leather preparation after your order is confirmed.

For rare models with no template , it will take 5 to 7 days total for the complete process with installation.

Leather for Seats + Door Panel + Console Box + Steering.

  • One (1) Work Day / Eight (8) Hours, for all services done simultaneously.

    • More complicated models can take up to Two (2) Work Days.

Steering Leather & Gear Shift Leather.

  • One (1) Work Day / Eight (8) Hours.

Dashboard Repair / Refurbish / Replacement.

  • One (1) Work Day for replacement on most models. (Prior appointment is required).

    • Repairs & Refurbish Service can take up to Three (3) Days, based on workmanship required.

Dashboard & Roof Liners Repair / Refurbish / Replacement.

  • Two (2) Work Days for most models. (Prior appointment is required).

Car Interior Paint Respray, Touch up and other Interior Repair Work.

  • TBD. To Be Discussed based on the parts involved & amount of workmanship required.

For multiple services, it can be done simultaneously and the duration does not accumulate.


Dashboard Service

+ What can be done for a Damaged Dashboard?

1 to 1 dashboard replacement.

Minor repairwork, based on the severity of damage.

*We recommend sending in your car for better recommendations.*

+ How Long is the Process? +

For 1 to 1 replacement, most models can be done within One (1) work day. Some complicated models can take up to Three (3) days. (*Based on schedule availabllity and workmanship involved).

Any Repairworks will fully depend on the amount of workmanship required.


Roof Liner Service

+ What can be done for a Damaged Roof Liner?

Most Roofliners can only be Fully Replaced.

This is because the entire liner cloth is attached in a single large liner piece to the roof.

Vast majority of car models roof liner are in the same design, hence a complete replacement will be necessary for any repairwork.

+ How Long is the Process? +

Most models can be completed within Two (2) Work Days.

A prior appointment is still highly recommended to get a better estimated time based on our schedule and the amount of workmanship that may be involved your car model.


Safety Belt Service

+ What Options are there for Safety Belt Service?

Safety Belt Replacement.

Replacement with Different Color.

Safety Belt Repair.

+ How Long is the Process?

Safety Belt / Seat Belt replacement work can typically be completed within One (1) Work day for most models.

* A prior appointment is still highly recommended especially for repairing works where more workmanship hours will be required.

+ Airbag and Safety Question.

Will your service affect the function of my interior airbags and other safety & security features?

No, our upholstery service will not affect the function of the seat side airbag.

For service that involve airbag and safety features, we will ensure to use only automotive grade and industry certified equipments and materials, that will meet our expectations to ensure the safety and security of your car interior, including airbags.

Important things to note for seat airbags.

Use of Correct thread and equipment for airbag seams to ensure safe airbag deployment.

Thread Specifications.

Size 69 (aka. Tex-70 or T-70) Thread, with a size 100/16 or 110/18 Needle AND*

Size 33 (aka. Tex-30 or T-30) Thread, with a size 80/12 or 90/14 Needle

With 3-ply Twisted Bonded Threads. For a more secured stitch that is consistently uniform throughout its length and allows for precise tension control to secure a balanced stitch

Airbag Specific Sewing Machine.

Automotive Grade Side Airbag Sewing Machine. To ensure the precise control and documentation of airbag seams.

Our Automotive Grade Equipment and Material

Dürkopp Adler Sewing Machine (Germany)

AMANN Group Sewing Threads (Germany)

Groz-Beckert Sewing Needles (Germany)

PFAFF Sewing Machine (Germany)

YKK Zipper (Japan)

Alcantara S.p.A. (Italy)

Gruppo Mastrotto (Italy)

APLIX S. A. Hook & Loop (France)

Gerber Leather Cutter (United States)

+ Do you ship internationally?

International customers who are interested can contact us directly to arrange international delivery of customized or original leather covers for reupholstery or refurbishing purposes.

We would require some photos and further confirmation for international customers to ensure the seats model, measurement, design and sizes for the seats are correctly matched with the ones we have in our database.

+ Product & Service Warranty.

We provide warranty for all products & services completed by us. The warranty range varies across different services. You can always browse our service menu, refer to info below or message us if you have any questions regarding Warranty.

Warranty Period Reference.
(Specific Warranty Period Vary for Different Services and Materials.)

Leather Seats - 2 to 5 Years.

Other Leather Services / Leather Products - 1 to 2 Years.

Dashboard Service - 1 Year.

Roof Lining / Roof Liner Service - 1 Year.

Other Car Interior Services - To be Determined, based on services, products and materials.

My Product / Service Warranty has Expired.

Warranty Claims will No Longer be Valid for any Products and Services with Expired Warranty.

You can still get any damages repair or replacement with us when your warranty has expired.

Contact or visit us directly to get a quote for the Service & Repair Fees Applicable.

Have other questions? Contact us to get assisted!